About Me and My Website


Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Deidre and I want to dedicate this site to a craze that has swept the country–adult coloring. I remember not so long ago that coloring in coloring books was supposed to be just for kids. However, studies have shown that coloring can actually relieve tension and stress in adults.

I started coloring in 2016 because I remember that as a child, I had always liked coloring, and how it relaxes me. I never could draw but I definitely know how to color.  So I bought a few coloring books and I got started, using Crayola® crayons and markers.  After coloring several pictures, I was hooked. I now color pictures on a regular basis and I really enjoy it.

My purpose for creating this website is to help those who would like to color but  don’t know how to get started. For instance, how do you decide which coloring books to choose? What is the difference between coloring with crayons as opposed to markers or pencils? How do you select which color to use in your pictures? Most of all, I would like to share my experiences in using different mediums in coloring the pictures.

Many, many people are coloring and the art of adult coloring has become a huge business. So, if you love to color because it makes you feel good, go ahead and color; don’t let anyone tell you that coloring is only for kids.  Be creative, there is no right or wrong way to color.  Just have fun!


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